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Some expert advice

More than a trading company, a development vector at the cutting edge of innovation.

KOMPTRADE is a United Kingdom based company with operational offices in Luxembourg.It is a global network which trades more than twenty commodities. New technologies applied to renewable energies, the IT sector, Biotechnology and above all NewSpace are bringing new commodities with high added value to the market. KOMPTRADE by diversifying its team has thus acquired the skills and the network to target these commodities and the companies that have developed these new technologies.


Our offices are located on the 1st floor of a renowned business center. This gives us direct access to prestigious investment funds with which we share premises. This proximity has allowed us over the years to establish a solid relational network and, gain recognition from the main players operating in international trade.

We have chosen to set up our operational offices in Luxembourg, not just for quality of life also for its position as an international financial center established in the heart of Europe.

It includes the most successful investment funds because, fully compliant with EU law, these funds can be immediately promoted throughout Europe. They are flexible in terms of registration and use, and offer a quick-to-market prospect.

This makes Luxembourg ideal for many types of trading activity, including umbrella funds, hedge funds, private equity, real estate, family offices or mutual funds.

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