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 Nasa takes a step towards planetary defense.
Impact confirmed for the DART mission: Nasa's spacecraft hit an asteroid to deflect it.



This video showing the return of the Boosters of the "Falcon Heavy" rocket - SpaceX, represents the renewal of the space industry - NewSpace, and the concern for profitability specific to the private sector.

Newspace ancre 1

Quick introduction to NewSpace

NewSpace represents all the companies as well as the technologies involved in the manufacture of all or part of an element for space use, such as an artificial satellite, launcher, etc.

It is an industry made up of private sector companies that until the last century responded to orders from government agencies, which until then were the only ones to develop space programs.

Birth of NewSpace

For a very long time, space activities were reserved exclusively for governments and even armies, it was the time of Cold War.

For the United States, champion of economic liberalism, the state monopol was not in accordance with their mentality  and on October 30, 1984, the "Commercial Space Launch Act" was passed, a law authorizing private American companies to manufacture their own launcher and have their own. own launch site.
This law is probably the founding stone of NewSpace.
In 1984 when the law was promulgated, it did not immediately have the welcome hoped for by the private sector, in the 1990s, with the end of the Soviet bloc, there was a huge arsenal and these space technologies became available upon purchase, this is how the first private space companies like "Sea Launch" and "International Launch service" appeared on the market.


We have therefore witnessed a "Privatization of Space" and the arrival in this economy of new players such as Gafa (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) and other players from the silicon valley such as Elon Musk and SpaceX . Old economy players like Boeing, Northrop Grumman ...

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