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China can move satellites remotely, how they are revolutionizing space with magnetized plasma.

Like Star Wars, according to the Chinese scientific journal Systems Engineering and Electronics, a new machine using magnetic plasma rings developed by Chinese scientists would be able to move objects remotely. They could thus deflect space debris, recover defective satellites, change their trajectory and revolutionary military applications.

China Can Moving Satellites Remotly Komptrade
Space Satellites Komptrade

China Can Moving Satellites Remotly

What technology would have been used ?

A Cannon projecting rings of magnetized plasma creating magnetic fields. The magnetic cannon would have a range of one kilometer and could move objects just after a few minutes of activation.

The cannon will project eight rings of plasma towards a target every second, at a speed of 10,000 meters per second, or 30 times the speed of sound. When these plasma rings approach the target, they begin to influence its movement using magnetic force.

How it works.

The central piece is a magnetized coaxial barrel. This is a device able to generating flows of hot, electron-rich and energetic gases. These plasma rings house charged particles such as ions and electrons. The latter can move autonomously by reacting to electric and magnetic fields.

The magnetic field, generated by the discharge current circulating in the plasma ring, in turn induces a current in the plasma. This current generates a magnetic field opposite to the original one. The process repeats until the magnetic field lines are frozen in the plasma. Which means that the magnetic force can be routed to a distant destination through the plasma ring.

Applications of such technology.

Make available the possibility to quickly stop or divert the rotation of a space object (debris or satellite).

The possibility of attracting a small satellite to a spacecraft for inspection or repair.

Tow or recover any magnetizable object in space.

the team of researchers proposed the idea of ​​using plasma rings to regulate the relative movement of a companion satellite. This is with the aim of directing it towards the main satellite for recovery. These plasma rings generate a well of dynamic magnetic potential, capable of interacting with the magnetic field of the companion satellite. Thus, we create a force exploited to reduce the relative speed of the two satellites and bring them closer.

This method constitutes an innovative and adaptable approach for the rapid recovery of companion satellites. It also opens the way to potential applications in precise delivery missions.

  • This technology can replace robotic arms and reduce the risk of accidents and represent a major utility in space exploration and the manipulation of space objects, particularly in their delivery and trajectory correction in the event of a malfunction.

The military use of the device, although obvious and revolutionary, is not filled in the study, even if its design is linked to the defense industry.


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